Medical Records - This may result in serious consequences for the patient and quite possibly his family. Medical records include a range of data such as current or old diseases, allergies, vaccination and previous diseases or conditions that have run in your family. If all this data was lost it would cause a huge health risk to the patient, due to the unavailability of vital information regarding their health and conditions.

Employee Records - When companies lose data like these they’re punished and have to pay fines. Employees might sue the company in order to

Banking Records - As well as many other organizations and companies, banks still hold a lot of your personal information such as name address age etc, but quite possibly the most important data that they hold is that of your own bank accounts. If this data is lost by deletion then safety issues aren’t that huge, since all you have to do is recollect this data from all your customers. Although, if the data is actually stolen by someone, the safety issues are huge, since they will have access to all the data regarding all the customers’ bank accounts as well as their personal information.

Government Agencies - Governments will quite possibly be the sector that will own the most information regarding a certain individual, anything ranging from your address to your social security number and so on, and would cause serious social and security risks and damage if someone was to gain access of it. The reason governments keep this is because its very personal data that is to be kept to one person only, and if someone would be able to steal or gain access to this data it could cause serious risks. Although, if this data was deleted, unlike the banking data, it would still be a huge threat due to it being much harder to obtain all this data again from everyone, and people may provide fake data once they are asked for their personal information again.

Credit Card records - Losing data may damage the company’s reputation. For example when companies like Amazon are hacked, important data like personal details and credit card information might be used against the users and this creates a feeling of insecurity between the company and the customers. Privacy is also a big issue with data loss. Customers information might be put available on the internet.