Usability issues regarding feedback systems

Automatic feedback system - Is the feedback of good enough quality, is it clear enough, is there enough feedback and is it given quickly enough.

Furthermore with online feedback system where people provide feedback - Are the people providing feedback of the right skill level and is their feedback valid?

Online payroll

The inputs to a payroll system are:
  • Employee code (used to lookup the employee's other details, e.g. name, bank account, etc.)
  • Hours worked
  • Rate of pay (e.g. $25 per hour)

The outputs from a payroll system are:
  • A printed payslip (given to the employee to show how his/her pay was calculated)
  • A cheque, or an EFT payment directly into the employee's bank account

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) downtime
  • Depending on the complexity of the system, employees may have trouble learning how to work with it.
  • Employees might not have a bank in order to be payed
  • This system might be complex to set up

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Voice Recognition

Several problems may occur with a voice recognition system, they include but are not limited to:
  • The dictionary of the voice recognition software may be limited and doesn’t include certain words such as slang terms.
  • If the user has a speech impediment then the software may have trouble recognizing what they are saying.
  • People from different regions of the world and backgrounds will all different dialects as well as accents which the system may not be able to deal with.
  • The system may not be able to recognize different words if the user speaks very quickly or too slowly.
  • Users may not want to speak about important and sensitive information in a public space. As well as people speaking in a lower volume when in public, the system may not be able to ‘hear’ the user.
  • Depending on the security capabilities of the voice recognition system.
  • If the user is in an area with a lot of ambient noise then the system may not be able to cancel out this noise.
  • If the word database is not stored locally and there are network errors then the system is not able to work.

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